townhouse day 2020

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What You Need

  • All roommates must be present.

  • Before entering the leasing office to sign, all roommates must have the following:

    • completed application
    • government-issued ID
    • mask to wear while inside office
    • ​security deposit (equal to one month rent)*

    • application fee ($45)*

*We can not accept cards for these fees. We accept cash, checks, money orders, & cashier's checks only.

Contact us with any questions.

Important Info

  • Do not start lining up until Sunday, October 12th.

  • The line starts at the service window where a staff member will check you in and ensure you have everything you need before directing you to enter.

  • Please follow posted signs regarding the line. Stay 6 feet apart while waiting in line.

  • Do not bring any “camping” supplies such as chairs, tents, sleeping bags, coolers, etc with you while you are waiting in line.

  • Park on the street. DO NOT park in the parking lot. If you choose to park in the lot, you may be towed at the your expense.

  • Townhouse Day starts at noon and all units are first-come-first-serve. ·We will be checking groups in at the service window. If you are missing one of the required items, you will have to leave the line to get it and get in the back of the line.

*If you choose to not follow these rules, you will risk getting sent to the back of the line.