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Winter Break

Winter Break preparation of your Purdue apartment before you leave West Lafayette.

Winter Break is a great time to get away from Purdue and refresh yourself for the next Semester.  Before you leave Purdue and your apartment in West Lafayette for Winter Break, please remember:

  • Rent is due January 1.  Remember do NOT post date your rent checks. 
  • DO NOT TURN OFF YOUR HEAT!  Leave your heat set at 55 degrees.  Failure to do so could cause water lines to freeze and burst.  You will be held responsible for any damages,  if this happens, due to lack of heat.  It helps to open cabinet doors (kitchen/bath), which conceal pipes.
  • Please remember to leave your air vents open.
  • JR Enterprises will continue to monitor the parking lots and tow any vehicle without a valid parking permit.  Please remind your guests not to park in the lots.
  • Do not leave candles burning or toilets running when you leave your apartment. 
  • Remember to bring back your apartment keys when you return to campus so you are not locked out.  


Have a great holiday season and enjoy your break!