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Pet Policies

Pet Friendly

The great news is that Basham Rentals apartments are pet friendly.  We;ve had everything from dogs and cats to birds, turtles, hamsters, and even some more unusual ones.

Pet Restrictions

There are some restrictions however:

  • All pets must be authorized by Basham, prior to the pet moving in.
  • Alll roommates must agree to have the pet in the apartment
  • All roommates must sign the authorization to allow the pet to live there.
  • Basham Rentals does not accept dogs under one year old.
  • Basham reserves the right to refuse a pet
  • Basham reserves the right to have a pet removed
  • Tenants will be held responsible for damages done by their pet.
  • If you choose to sublease your apartment, tenants will be held responsible for all damages done by or fees incurred because of the subtenant’s pet, even after approval.

City Ordinances

In compliance with the West Lafayette City Ordinance, pet owners must remove and dispose of all pet waste. Penalties will be in accordance with city fines.

Pet Health

It is assumed that tenant will do all that is required to keep a pet healthy, including but not limited to feeding and exercise and grooming and walking.  Any shots or other vet care needs to be current at all times, both for the protection of the pet and for those in the apartment and around the building and campus.  At no time will it be tolerated for a pet to be left alone or unattended in any inhumane way.

Pet Fees

Please contact the office or reference your lease for fees and details. There are no charges for trained and authorized Service Animals.

If you have any further questions, please ask the office staff about the Basham Rentals pet policy.