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Parking Policies

There is no additional charge for Parking in the Basham Rentals lot, as a tenant. The tenant will need to fill out the parking permit request form and return this to the office, if they have a vehicle.  The tenant will be given a parking permit tag.  These are to be put in the inside, lower, driver-side windshield at all times (while parked in Basham Rental lots).

No guests are allowed to park in the lot. Parking in the lots, is for tenants only.
The lots are moniteoed and cars without a permit can and will be towed.

If you change vehicles, please remove the parking tag from your original car and use it in your new car.  Then contact the office with your vehicle change information.  If you are getting a new car, and have no registration, please come to the office before parking in the lot.

The lots are monitored and cars without a permit ON THE (lower corner, of the driver-side) WINDSHIELD can and will be towed, at the owners expense. 

Please keep the towing company’s phone number on hand.
J.R. Enterprises: 765-471-9553