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Courtesy Policies

Being a good neighbor and roommate to other apartment renters in your building is a fine art of thoughtfulness and proactive anticipation of ways your behavior may be impacting others, and ways that behavior can contribute to or detract from your living experience in our Purdue apartments.  The right choices can lead to lasting friendships and the wrong choices can make everybody miserable.

Basic Apartment Etiquette

Living in an apartment can take some time getting used to.  There are new noises, thin walls, common areas (laundry rooms, hallways, etc.) where your behavior and expectations of others’ behavior can collide.  Keeping in mind and following Basic Apartment Etiquette can save a lot of frustration.  This guide will help you to understand these rules in order to make your new apartment a little bit more of a home!

Living in an apartment can be a great experience as long as common courtesy and etiquette are applied. Following these rules will help you adjust to your new home, and certainly help you form neighborly bonds with the people you share your building with!

  •  Follow the GOLDEN Rule 

    Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. 

  • Common Areas

    Do your part in keeping the common areas clean.  Trash should be picked up and removed. If you or one of your friends, get sick in a common area, CLEAN IT UP.

  • Laundry Rooms

    Please…Laundry Room

    Never stop another person’s laundry in mid-wash or dry to use it.

    Never insert another person’s wet clothes into a dryer.  If there’s a limited amount of washers and dryers available and another person’s clothes have been in there for a long time, it is considerate to lay their clothes on a clean plastic or garbage bag on a counter or somewhere off the floor. Each person is responsible for their own belongings, but it is also a two-way street way of using shared amenities.

  • Noise Level

    This is one of the most common complaints reported to managers. More noise etiquette is needed if you live above another person.  It’s not necessary to thump your feet around the kitchen in the middle of the night.

  • Entering and Leaving the Building 

    Be soft-spoken when entering and exiting. It may be normal to walk from the parking lot to your front door and vice versa, but you’ll need to consider how loud a person is. Avoid stomping on stairways, especially when leaving before sunrise or coming back late at night. Keep the noise at whisper-level in hallways.

  • Volume within your Apartment 

    Try to vacuum or use exercise machines on the weekends or when you know people are at work. Noise and vibrations goes through floorboards and can be an annoyance. 

  • Get Togethers and Parties

    If holding a party, let those neighbors likely to be inconvenienced know about the occasion. If you think the neighbors will enjoy themselves too, consider inviting them.  Avoid having big parties or loud get-togethers on weeknights.

    Turn down party music by 10pm.  If a neighbor requests for you to keep the noise level down, try to negotiate on a solution.

  • Pets

    PetsPick up after your pets.  No “unpleasant” odors should be within or coming from your apartment.  Please make sure to pickup and remove all pet waste. Refer to our Pet Policy

  • Moving Out

    You are liable for the cleaning and any replacement charges.  This applies to ALL individuals on the lease as one.  Remove ALL personal property from the apartment.  Discard all trash properly.

    Please reference the Move-Out and cleaning checklists.

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