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Utility Hookups for your Purdue Apartment

Utilities Must Be Hooked Up Before You Move In

Utilities (other than those paid for by the landlord) MUST be listed in the tenants’ name BEFORE you move in.  Please check your lease to identify the utilities that you are responsible to put in your name.  And as per your lease, they must remain on throughout your lease.  Any unchanged (not in tenants’ name) and unpaid utilities may be shut off after 30 days.

“Public” Utilities

Some apartments have a building-wide electric, water and sewage bill, in which case the landlord pays for it. Your lease will say so.  However, most apartments have individual utility service for each apartment, and those utilities bills need to be shared with roommates according to the agreements you have with each roommate.  Refer to your lease for more information.

Here is the contact information for “public” utilities.  (In Indiana, some of our public utilities have been privatized.)  These utilities must be hooked up before you move in to your apartment.

Electric Company: Duke Energy

Duke Energy – 1-800-521-2232 –

Gas Company: Vectren (we only have four units that have gas utlities at 350 S Grant St)

(more info coming soon)

Water Company: Indiana American Water

Indiana American Water – 1-800-492-8373 –

Sewage Company: West Lafayette Waste Water

West Lafayette Waste Water (sewage) – 765-775-5140 (Please note:  you do not have to call to set up an account. Indiana American Water will notify them of the change). Your sewage bill each month is derived from the amount of water you use each month, and a proportional calculation of corresponding sewage generated.

Utilities and Services Paid for by the Landlord

Trash Removal for our Purdue Apartments in West Lafayette

Trash Removal in our West Lafayette apartments is paid for by the landlord, unless otherwise specified by your specific apartment building, apartment unit, or lease agreement.

Snow Removal at our Purdue Apartment Buildings

Snow Removal in our West Lafayette apartments is provided for by the landlord.  If your parking lot and sidewalks are not cleared, please call the office to let us know. We try to watch over our properties but we can’t be 36 places at the same time.  We want to make sure you are able to in and out of your building safely, as needed.

Lawn Care at all Basham Rentals Apartments

Lawn Care at our Purdue Apartment Buildings are provided by the landlord.  Please do not throw trash on the lawn so we can take care of the property efficiently.

Optional Cable TV Services and Internet Services

Internet and Cable TV can always be set up after you move in, or can be set up before you move in.  There are many different Internet and Cable companies you can choose from.  Prices and deals will vary greatly.  You may want to look into each to pick the best “deal.”  We do not endorse any particular option.  Below are just a few:

ComCast – 765-776-7231 –

Frontier – 877-328-0430 – – Spanish Language page press here

Metronet – 765-250-8800 –arturo.soto@metronetinc.com

Note to cable companies, tv companies and internet companies.  You may advertise here if you would like.  Please contact us for more information.