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Moving In Guidelines

We hope you have an excellent school year and your apartment/townhome feels like home. If we can be of any service please feel free to contact us. We will try to work with you.

Your Move-In Date

Your guaranteed move-in date is the first day on your lease.

You may be able to move-in a bit early. However, it is important to remember that we have over 300 apartments we must turn-over within a two week time period. This means we have 300 apartments we must inspect, clean, paint, clean carpet, and make any repairs if needed. This does not give a lot of time for early move-ins so we will not know if an early move-in date is possible until the week before your guaranteed move-in day.

The only way we can guarantee you an early move-in is for you and your roommates (if applicable) to sign a turn-over waiver. A turn-over waiver means that you and your roommates agree not to have any turn-over completed in your apartment (no cleaning, no repairs, etc). Basically you would be taking the apartment “as-is.”

The turn-over waiver is the only way we can guarantee you an early move-in. Otherwise, we will notify you via email as soon as your apartment is available to move into.

Moving In Day

Your guaranteed move-in day is the first day on your lease. On the day you are moving in, we ask that you to stop in the office (office hours are Monday through Friday 10am – 5pm) to pick up your key(s). Please be patient with the office staff as we do have over 300 units, all of which have move-in dates within a 2 week window.

The first roommate (if applicable) will receive the move-in packet and mailbox key (if applicable). It is important that each roommate read through the move-in packet.

Move-In Packet

There is a 24-hour inspection form and smoke detector compliance form (that is due back into the office 24 hrs within moving in). The inspection and the smoke detector compliance forms must be completed by the first roommate (if applicable) to move-in and returned to our office within 24 hours after the move-in packet has been received.

There are additional forms, for each roommate, which will need to be completed and returned to the office:

  • Parking Permit Forms (for those with vehicles they want to park in the Basham Rentals parking lots)
  • Pet Authorization Form (for those with pets)
  • Furniture Request Forms (requesting furniture owned by Basham Rentals to be delivered or removed from the apartment – one per apartment)

Included in the move-in packet is information on:

  • How to your pay rent with Basham Rentals
  • The cleaning checklist (which you will need at move-out)
  • Information on subleasing
  • Utilities and our policies

Please note that each roommate is responsible to read and follow each policy while leasing with Basham Rentals.

 Utility Hookups

Utilities (other than those paid for by the landlord) MUST be listed in the tenants’ name BEFORE you move in. Please check your lease to identify the utilities that you are responsible to put in your name.

As per your lease, utilities must remain on throughout your lease. Please check the Utility Hookups page on this site and review it thoroughly well in advance of your Move-In Date.


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