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Subleasing Policy

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  • The first step to subleasing, after you find someone, is to fill out the sublease authorization form which is available here.

  • In addition to the sublessor and sublessee, all roommates need to sign the form authorizing the sublease.

  • There is a $100 fee to be paid before the sublessee can move in.

  • The office needs a current color copy of the sublessee's ID on file.

  • It is up to the sublessor if they take a security deposit from the sublessee. It is highly recommended.

  • The move-in and move-out dates must be within the original lease but are up to the sublessor. The dates would be reflected on the sublease agreement.

  • The lease will remain in the sublessor's name throughout the lease.

Business Handshake


  • The sublessor must provide the sublessee with keys and their parking permit.

  • The sublessee must bring the permit and their vehicle registration to the leasing office to register their vehicle.

  • The online payment portal will remain in the sublessor's name. If the sublessee would like to pay rent online, the sublessor will need to share their portal login. Otherwise, the sublessee may pay the sublessor directly, pay in-office, or by mail.

  • The utilities must also remain in the sublessor's name. The sublessee must pay them directly for the utility bills.

Contract Review

More Info

  • Any damages by the sublessee will be taken out of the sublessor's security deposit.

  • If that happens, the sublessor should take the same amount out of the security deposit they took from the sublessee when they completed the sublease agreement.

  • Sublessor is ultimately responsible for all sublessee behavior and rent.

  • If tenant subleases without registering, paying, and informing Basham Rentals, they will be charged a $500 illegal sublease fee.

  • We do NOT allow subleasing of entire townhouse units.

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