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Studio Apartments at Purdue University

The West Lafayette campus of Purdue University has many studio apartments, ideal for an individual who likes to keep things simple.  Studios are ideal for those students who prefer the solitude and concentration of one combined living space while keeping rent costs to a minimum.

Recent trends toward minimalism have created a renewed interest in studio apartments.  They are also popular with Purdue students who are naturally frugal on a tight budget.  Those students searching for cheap apartments near Purdue University may end up being very happy with these studio apartments by Basham Rentals.

If you’re not familiar with Purdue’s campus already, be mindful of which area of campus you would prefer to live, based on the most convenience to your major field of study and the location of related academic buildings.

List of Purdue Studio Apartments

Here is our Basham Rentals list of studio apartments (0 bedroom) near Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana. Note that this list indicates available Purdue apartments to rent and will also show those Basham apartments that are already leased. Look for the indication of available apartments in the left-most column, and then Click on the link in the “Apt. Unit #” column to visit the apartment unit page to find out more about that particular apartment.  All of these available apartments are in West Lafayette, and are adjacent to the Purdue campus:

Availability Address Apt # Beds and Baths Floors Level  Total Mo Rent   Price Per Person 
Leased 281 S Salisbury St Apt # 7 Studio, 1 Bath Flat 2nd $  575 $  575
Leased 281 S Salisbury St Apt # 9 Studio, 1 Bath Flat 2nd $  575 $  575
Leased 336 N Salisbury St Apt # 2 Studio, 1 Bath Flat 1st $  495 $  495
Leased 350 S Grant St Apt # 4 Studio, 1 Bath Flat 2nd $  375 $  375

Assistance Finding a Studio Apartment Near Purdue

If you don’t see an apartment that fits your needs, explore the rest of our site, or make an appointment with our Leasing Agents.  If we still have any apartments left, we will be able to find you one that is most suited to your needs as a Purdue student next year.