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to help future tenants know what it's like to live #BehindOurGreenDoor apartments.

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Below the submission buttons are some positive reviews from our past and current tenants that you can read through to get a better idea of what it is like living #BehindOurGreenDoor apartmmets at Basham Rentals.

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns we kindly ask that you email us at before submitting a review. We will do our best to address any

issues and solve any problems. Thank you for giving us a chance to make it right!


John             ★★★★★

Our experience with Basham personnel both over the phone and in person has been very friendly & accommodating. Based on the experiences, we would definitely recommend Basham Rentals for anyone looking to rent an apartment.

Eva               ★★★★★

My year in a Basham apartment was really positive. The apartment was clean, spacious, comfortable for 4 housemates, and very affordable. The online payment and maintenance request portal was easy to use. We very infrequently requested repairs, and most requests, such as repairs to community dryers, were usually addressed in a timely manner. Parking was almost always available in the parking lot or on the street right in front of the building (do watch out for parking lot towing). And the views from our balcony were beautiful! (Fair warning: leases for these apartments can start filling up in September.) Thanks!

Sam             ★★★★★

I have lived here for a year and am planning on living here for 2 more! I The apartments are quality at an extremely affordable price. Also you can walk to class! The biggest complaint I hear from my friends (who do not live at basham) is that there is no parking on campus. With basham you can walk to class and still have a parking space next to your building! The staff is extremely helpful and kind. All maintenance requests have been handled promptly. I love living here, my apartment is extremely homey and I have always felt safe. If you are looking for affordable housing I highly recommend them. I suggest starting your search for apartments in October because they go fast!

Caleb           ★★★★★

Loved living here. Excellent maintenance (never any wait), and great personable interactions with the office staff, was able to work out any issues with the lease with ease. Appreciate their pet policy as well, one of the most friendly in town.

Carlo            ★★★★★

I haven't had any bad experiences with Basham Rentals at all. They go above and beyond to help out their tenants. In addition, the maintenance is always very quick to respond and help out.

Michelle       ★★★★★

The managers at this place really helped out my daughter during an "emergency" situation when my daughter's roommate unexpectedly had to drop from Purdue to personal circumstances. They went above and beyond in quickly finding other tenants for the room, even though the date for renting rooms had long since passed (it was April when my daughter found out) and they were not obligated to do so. This level of support is really invaluable when you have an out of state student somewhere off on her own.

BC                ★★★★★

The office workers were very nice and it was easy to sign the lease and the apartment was very good

Cameron       ★★★★★

I’ve lived with Basham for 3 years at 2 different properties. The apartments themselves are what they are- basically what you would expect for a college town apartment. The management is great, probably the best at Purdue. They’ve always taken my concerns very seriously and gave helpful information and suggestions when dealing with problems. The maintenance guys are courteous and prompt. I can only hope my next landlords are as good as Basham!

Natalie         ★★★★★

I have lived with Basham Rentals for nearly 2 years now and have absolutley loved every minute of it! The maintenance department is very prompt in responding to requests, the office staff is knowledgeable and very helpful, plus my apartment has been incredibly affordable and within 3 blocks of the Purdue Memorial Union. I highly recommend living with Basham Rentals!

Soo Jung      ★★★★★

Friendly and efficient.

Stuart           ★★★★★

I've lived with Basham for a little over 2 years now and it's been a great experience. The staff was helpful whenever I needed to go into the office and the maintenance crew was on point. Anytime anything had gone wrong, they'd immediately correct it within a day of putting in a request. The location was fantastic when I was finishing up my undergrad at Purdue. Wish I could live here for another year!

Melissa        ★★★★★

I've chose to live with Basham Rentals for years. They are very passionate about providing quality living for their tenants! You can even find the owner John Basham on site on the weekends! Unlike other apartments I can count on same day maintenance! Last year the house I rent got a new roof and this year it will have new siding. Thanks, Basham Rentals!!

Alex             ★★★★★

Basham Rentals was my very first experience with apartment living. I had no idea what to expect, but was completely blown away with just how easy they made everything. The office staff was always nice and willing to answer any questions I had, and they were also quick to respond to emails as well. The maintenance staff were friendly and quick to respond to any requests! Their apartments are very nice, and you really can't beat some of their locations! I would definitely recommend Basham Rentals to any students on campus looking for a nice apartment to call home.

Ethan           ★★★★★

I lived in 3 different apartments (all different landlords) in my time at Purdue and Basham Rentals was by far the best overall. The office staff handled everything in a very professional manner and the maintenance team was quick in their response. Not many apartments are owned AND operated by the same group. That's what helps separate the Basham's (and their wonderful team of employees) and his apartments apart from many others. And you can't beat the locations of most of the apartments.

Nathan          ★★★★★

I rented a townhouse with Basham with 3 other of my college friends. The townhome was in good condition and was really a great value. We loved the large amount of space and having the bedrooms on the second floor is nice to be able to have guests and friends over. Besides the actual property, what impressed me the most was the responsiveness of the maintenance staff. Almost always within 1 hour of submitting a maintenance request, someone would either come to our door to fix the problem or call and ask more questions to figure it out. Any problems were fixed effectively and timely. I definitely recommend checking out Basham rentals for any Purdue student!

Cayla             ★★★★★

I have loved living here for the past 6 months and plan to continue to next year. The location is amazing and so close to campus but still feels homey. They are super great if you want to have pets, we have two dogs that are always loved on in the leasing office. The maintenance people are also great, hardly any wait time and they are also great with our dogs. It may not be the biggest, fanciest apartment but Basham is a great place to live if you want a great location, affordable price, and great costumer service.

Garrett         ★★★★★

I have lived here for 1 year so far and I renewed for another year. The location is amazing, no longer than a 15 minute walk to the far end of campus. The office staff is extremely helpful anytime I call or go in there. They are very accommodating to any of my needs.The maintenance staff is extremely friendly and punctual. All the maintenance requests I have made have been taken care of the same day or the next day. I would recommend this company to any student who is looking for close and affordable housing.

Macy            ★★★★★

My dad rented from the same rental place whenever he was a Purdue student! We both had great experiences. Living in an apartment with 4 girls, we always felt safe and had maintenance come within 24 hrs of any request that was made. The company is super personable. Employees remembered my roommates name along with our dog's every time we came in the office. I would definitely recommend Basham Rentals to future renters.

Caitlin          ★★★★★

After living with Basham for two years, I am consistently impressed with their customer service and attention to detail. My apartment has been well maintained, and all of my service requests have been attended to quickly and effectively. The staff is friendly and easy to work with, and they make a point to make sure my dog and I are taken care of. I would recommend Basham to anyone looking for clean, safe and quality housing near Purdue.

Taylor           ★★★★★

I've had a great experience living here!

Olivia           ★★★★★

I had a great rental experience with Basham for the last two years while at Purdue. Every issue I had was taken care of in a timely manner whether it be maintenance or something else. I would recommend anyone to rent from Basham Rentals!

Tyler           ★★★★★

I am about a year into my lease and I gotta say the quality of the apartments and the people that work here are outstanding especially for how low my rent is. The maintenance staff is quick and I mean quick, I put an order in and by the time I came home the next day after classes they fixed my leaking faucet and replaced it with a completely new one! I really enjoy how close they are to Purdue and in my opinion the best option near campus.

Madison       ★★★★★

I currently live in Pierce Pines. This is my second year living with Basham Rentals. Their maintenance is very quick most of the time. The only problem we had was in August when everyone was moving in and had around 308 unit request to take care of. We had to tell them again and then they got on top of it after the second request. Our apartment has a washer and dryer. Vaulted ceilings are also a plus. Parking is free and usually a spot available on my building. If not there's other Basham properties nearby that use the same parking tag. There was always a spot available nearby. This year my building was leased the first day they opened to the public. The units are pet friendly. My friends who also live with Basham Rentals enjoy this as they only had to pay a one time pet fee and not a monthly pet fee. Office staff were very friendly and try to help you with your problem. They understand their clients are college students and this is usually their first apartment. If I were not graduating I would sign with them for another year.

Jordan         ★★★★★

Currently packing up my stuff and thinking about how awesome it’s been living with Basham Rentals this past year! The apartment (227 S Salisbury) had all the features I was looking for at a reasonable price. Since I’m a control freak and don’t trust off-campus shuttle and bus systems, I loved that this apartment was only a 10-15 minute walk from all my classes. The office staff was super friendly and helpful (especially that time I locked myself out- no charge for a spare key!). The maintenance staff was the best- they always responded very quickly and did an excellent job (Small leak after the rain: fixed the next morning. Freezer stopped: new fridge the next morning. Smoke detector would NOT STOP BEEPING: walked me through step by step how to shut it up and then brought a new one the next morning). I highly recommend leasing from Basham Rentals!

Emily            ★★★★★

Basham Rentals is the first apartment company I have lived with on campus, and if I were going to be at school again next year, I would definitely be staying with them! The employees were also super helpful whenever I had any questions and so friendly. I also had an amazing experience with the maintenance staff. I expected it to take a week for them to come fix my requests, but every time a request was put in, they arrived to fix the issue no later than the next day. My apartment is also the most homey, welcoming place to live... I love my room here more than my one at home! I truly couldn't have asked for a better experience with Basham Rentals!!

Amber          ★★★★★

I thoroughly enjoyed living in a Basham apartment. The office staff was friendly and helpful, and maintenance was always quick to respond to my requests. Before living with Basham, I lived under a different apartment company that was incredibly unprofessional (e.g. they would charge random fees without notifying me). I appreciated that Basham was always forthcoming about their policies, and they were accommodating when issues arose. When speaking with the Basham staff, I felt like I was treated like a valued tenant, rather than just another number on the ledger. I highly recommend Basham Rentals to anyone looking for an apartment on campus. Their locations are excellent, and the professionalism of their staff really sets them apart! Here’s an example of the responsiveness of Basham’s maintenance: When I first moved in to my Basham apartment, I found a leak under the sink that had rotted through the underlying baseboard. I called the maintenance department about it, and they came out to my apartment right away. By the next day, they had fixed the leak, removed the rotted wood, and replaced it with new wood. I was incredibly impressed and thankful for their quick response.

Ethan           ★★★★★

I lived in 3 different apartments (all different landlords) in my time at Purdue and Basham Rentals was by far the best overall. The office staff handled everything in a very professional manner and the maintenance team was quick in their response. Not many apartments are owned AND operated by the same group. That's what helps separate the Basham's (and their wonderful team of employees) and his apartments apart from many others. And you can't beat the locations of most of the apartments.

Bodie           ★★★★★

I have lived with Basham Rentals for three years straight. I highly recommend their services and their apartment complexes. Management is incredibly friendly, their service is on time and reliable, and their apartments are all very nice. Every time you go into the leasing office, you are welcomed with friendly staff who are ready and willing to sort out your problems or sit and chat about things you questions about. When you need a service done in your apartment, you simply call, and they will send a maintenance worker out quickly, and the problem is always taken care of. Like all other complexes near Purdue's campus, the rent is expensive, but at least for the expense you are getting excellent service with Basham. Their studio apartments are fantastic as well as their multi-person apartments. For a student coming out of the dorms looking for an apartment to rent, I suggest Basham Rentals.

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