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Purdue Apartments Map

For your convenience we have created a Google My Maps, that allows you to zoom in and see every apartment and apartment building.

We have embedded it on this page for your convenience, and we make it a priority to update it at the end of every day (along with the website itself), to make sure it is current for you, to the best of our ability. So both the apartment lists and buildings on this website are current, and the Google My Maps is current as well. Despite that, the definitive list of available apartments is in the Basham Rentals Office, and we cannot be held to a change in availability from these great resources we have here for you to help you find an apartment for next year. These should be current, but the Leasing Agents are the “Last Word” on what apartment is available. We have even had times when an apartment is leased five minutes before an arrival, so since these apartments so close to Purdue are selling out quickly for next year, students know to get in at the beginning to lock in their preferred apartment.

Purdue Apartments Map

Map Legend for West Lafayette Apartments for Rent Near Purdue University

Legend for Purdue Apartment BUILDINGS

The buildings have house icons. A Basham green house icon tells you that there is at least one Purdue apartment still available to rent in that building. If the building icon has turned red, that means that the building is completely leased for the upcoming academic year at Purdue University (on the West Lafayette campus).

Another thing you will notice is that some of these West Lafayette apartment buildings are labeled with “A Green Door Facility.”  We do this because they are popular with our students because of extra amenities that are available sometimes in those buildings.

Legend for Purdue Apartment UNITS

The color scheme is different for the apartment units, so that you don’t see a sea of red. Each apartment unit in an apartment building has a single pin. If the apartment is available to lease, it is a Basham green color. If the apartment is already leased, then the pin is a dimmed out gray color.

Among the apartment unit pins, you will notice that each pin is labeled by the number of bedrooms or “Studio” if it is a studio apartment.  This will help you scan for apartments that are still available that match the number of bedrooms which you need.  Of course, you can also look at apartment availability in other ways on this site, via number of bedrooms, townhouses, outdoor space, etc.

But for those who are more visual and like to see the physical geo-location of our apartments relative to Purdue buildings, check out this embedded map now. You can zoom in and see how many West Lafayette apartments are available within an apartment building. Our changing the color of fully leased apartment buildings and leased apartment units was carefully designed to save you the time and frustration of trying to pursue an apartment that was already leased by another Purdue student.  If you need help, make an appointment with our Leasing Agents.