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Purdue Apartments By Location

Hands down the biggest criteria for most of our student renters is to find Purdue off campus housing that is right next to the university and all their academic buildings.  This is an index of all those easy ways to find West Lafayette apartments that are close to Purdue. So many students have to commute in to campus, driving or by bus, and don’t have the luxury to just roll out of bed and walk to campus.  All our apartments are in easy walking distance of primary campus buildings at Purdue.  Use this page to link out to hand ways to find our apartments by location.

Find Purdue Apartments By Campus Area Proximity


Find Purdue Apartments By An Apartment Map Relative to Purdue University Campus


Find Purdue Apartments By Name of the Street in West Lafayette

Students who have been around Purdue awhile are quite familiar with streets and often want to search for next year’s apartment by the street name, because they’ve seen a building they find appealing, or they’ve visited classmates at their apartment.  So if you drive by apartments on Fowler Avenue all the time on your way to campus, you might think I’d like to live right there, a couple blocks from my buildings.  Or you might have attended a party at a townhouse on Harrison Street and decided to search for apartments available for next year on Harrison Street.  This is a handy link to help you find all those apartments by the name of the street.


Feel free to hunt around for your Purdue apartment all the different ways we have available, and schedule an appointment with the Leasing Agents.