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Pet Policy

Cat in Basket


  • Authorized pet forms must be filled out and authorized by Basham Rentals as well as all roommates. Please contact the office before you get a pet.

  • All roommates must agree to live with your pet. They must all sign a form which you will need to complete your Pet Authorization Form. Please complete both forms which are available here.

  • All unauthorized pet(s) have a fee of $500 per month, starting from the beginning of your lease. This also applies if you did not register your free pet.

  • If we are unable to authorize your pet,  the pet must be removed immediately.

  • Emotional support animals must be registered with the office. Indiana State Law has certain requirements that need to be met in order for them to qualify as an emotional support animal. Please contact Gretchen Basham, with any questions regarding registration or requirements.

Puppy Portrait


  • There is a two pet maximum in each apartment. This includes free pets.

  • No puppies allowed. Dogs have to be 1 year of age or older. You may be required to provide paperwork stating your dog’s age.

  • We do not allow pet sitting or visiting pets.

  • All roommates must agree to have a pet in the unit.

  • Basham Rentals does reserve the right to refuse a pet or to ask for a pet to be removed.

  • Original tenant(s) will need to confirm their approval as to whether or not the Subtenant is allowed to have a pet.  The Subtenant will then have to pay the pet fees and fill out a pet authorization form in the office.

  • Tenants will be held responsible for all damages done by their pet or their subtenant’s pet. Please remember, if you choose to sublease your apartment, you are responsible for any damages or fees from your subtenant’s pet.

  • In compliance with the West Lafayette City Ordinance, pet owners must remove and dispose of all pet waste. Penalties will be in accordance with city fines.

  • Please note the Lease states: “Lessee shall not make or permit any disturbing noise or odors; nor shall they interfere with the rights and comforts of their co-tenants.”

Feeding Guinea Pig


  • Pet fees are non-refundable and must be paid BEFORE your pet moves into the apartment. We do not pro-rate pet fees. It is our assurance that you will be a responsible pet owner.

  • If you renew your lease and stay in the same apartment, you will pay no additional pet fee but you must still register your pet each new lease term. Transferring tenants will be required to pay half of the pet fee(s) again and fill out a new authorization form for the new lease term.

       Individual Pet Fees​

  • Dog (Age 1+):  $750

  • Cat:  $500

  • Rabbit:  $250

  • Ferret:  $250

  • Chinchilla:  $250

  • Guinea Pigs:  $250


       Free Pets

  • Bird, Gerbil, Hamster, Snake, Hedgehog, Fish

       *If your pet is not listed, please the office for details.

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