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Parking Policy

Car Park


  • Tenants must complete a Parking Permit Request Form available here and present the current vehicle registration in the office to receive their parking permit. 

  • The registration must be in the tenants’ name or a parent.

  • The permit goes in the bottom of the driver-side windshield.

  • Parking permits only last for one lease year. You do have to register every lease year with your registration at the office.

  • If switching vehicles, it is your responsibility to switch your parking permit to your new vehicle. You will need to bring your new registration form to the office to fill out the form for your new vehicle.

  • If subletting, you must give your parking permit to your sublessee. Instruct your sublessee to bring the permit to our office to register their specific vehicle.

Parking Lot


  • Only current tenants can park in Basham Rental's lots.

  • Tenants can only park in their own apartment's lot. Parking at other Basham lots is not permitted & you will be towed.

  • Spaces in the lots are first come first serve, including carports.

  • We do not have enough parking spaces available to accommodate guests. Guests must park on the street.  There are no guest parking permits.

  • Handicapped spots are available to all tenants in their own lots unless stated otherwise.

  • If your permit is damaged, lost, or stolen, a replacement parking permit is $20.

  • Your parking permit may be revoked at any time deemed necessary by Basham Rentals. Reasons would include: unpaid rent, late fees, parking issues, or property damage.

  • 402 Northwestern residents have assigned spaces due to the layout of the lot. We cannot promise that all tenants will receive a spot. Tenants who park in different lots other than their apartment building lot will be towed.

Breakdown Service


  • J.R. Enterprises monitors all of our lots 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • If towed, call JR Enterprises at (765) 471-9553.

  • Basham Rentals doesn't receive any monetary benefit from JR and we can not help you negotiate any towing fees.

    Frequent reasons for towing.

  • Guest parked in lot.

  • Parked in other Basham lot.

  • Permit not in lower driver-side windshield.

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