Moving Out Information

Moving Boxes


  • In the couple months before you move out, maintenance will come through your apartment and do preventative maintenance like patching minor holes, replacing blinds, and other minor issues. Please submit maintenance requests for any issues you may have in your apartment to get that taken care of before you move out. It will make it easier on everyone.

  • It is your responsibility to let your utility companies know your lease end date. This way, they can stop charging you for your utilities. They will return the apartment under our name and we will take it back over.

  • By the end of your lease, you must return all ORIGINAL keys to the leasing office. This includes your mailbox key if you have a lockable mailbox. Turning your key in signifies you are fully moved out of your apartment. If you lost your key, please inform us so we know you have moved out. It is $20 for a lost key.


Cleaning Checklist

  • You can find a copy of your cleaning checklist here. This is the best tool to use to get the most back out of your security deposit for cleaning purposes. It is a detailed list of areas in your apartment to clean and how to clean them.

  • The third page of the list points out that if you leave any large furniture behind in your apartment that we will charge a fee out of your security deposit to cover the cost of removal. If you don't want an item of furniture please call a charity to come pick it up, give it to a friend, or place it next to our dumpster.

  • The third page also details fees for permanent items such as carpet, blinds, ceiling fans, etc. The fees shown will be charged if these items  are damaged beyond normal wear and tear.

Stamp and Postage


  • We have 45 days to process your security deposit return from the date we receive all original keys to the date we have to have your return postmarked at the post office.

  • In that time, we will enter the unit, inspect for cleanliness and maintenance using your 24-hour inspection form, have it cleaned, painted, and carpets cleaned.

  • You should expect a letter and a check addressed to you to be sent to the permeant address you summitted with your application.

  • Once you get your return, if you have any questions, please email the office at Do not call the office. All correspondence involving security deposits must be in writing.