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Maintenance Information

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Maintenance Request

  • The best thing to do if you need assistance from the maintenance team is to go to your online portal, click on maintenance, and enter a maintenance request.

  • It is the fastest and most efficient way to get your maintenance issue addressed.

  • A maintenance request made from your portal immediately gets sent to all of the maintenance staff on their phones and keeps your request on record to reference in the future.

  • You may email the maintenance office directly at

  • The maintenance office phone number is (765) 421-2952.

  • Please do not call the leasing office to make a maintenance request. They will not be able to help you with that type of issue.



Overflowing Toilet

  • ​As you face the toilet on the left side, coming out from the wall, near the floor, there is a valve you can turn clockwise
    (to the right). This will shut the water supply off to the toilet, avoiding a potential flooding disaster. If you have followed these steps and feel you need assistance, please call the maintenance office or after-hours number immediately.

Wall A/C

  • If your wall A/C is not working properly, please turn it off before calling maintenance. It is likely the unit is frozen and needs time to thaw before it can be worked on.


  • If you are having trouble with your dryer drying your clothes, the first thing you should check is your lint trap. If your lint trap is clean and the dryer is at least 8 inches away from the back wall, and you are still having problems, please complete a maintenance request through your portal.

Discolored Water​

  • If your water is discolored, the water company is most likely flushing the hydrants in your area. Run cold water only on the lowest level of your apartment for about 5 minutes and it should run back to clear. Maintenance is not needed to help with this.



  • The after-hours maintenance emergency number is        765-479-1722.

  • Please use discretion when calling about an emergency.

  • Valid emergencies would include danger to yourself or damage to the building such as water heater flooding. Not being able to find a parking spot in your lot is not an emergency.

  • If locked out of your apartment outside of the leasing office hours, you may call the number above to be let in, but you will be charged $25 cash on-site once you are let in to your apartment.

  • If locked out on a weekday between 9am-4pm, you may borrow a key from the office for free.

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