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Our Lease

Sample 2018-19 Lease

Click on this thumbnail to download a sample copy of our Basham Rentals Lease

For your protection and sense of security, Basham Rentals advises you to read our lease before you sign it! We have a sample lease for you to read, prior to adding the details about your particular apartment and signing a lease.  (Click on the thumbnail to the left to get a full PDF of our Sample Lease.)

When it comes to signing a real lease, you must read the entire Lease document before signing. Once a lease is signed, you, your fellow tenants and Basham Rentals are legally bound. There is no "out." So make sure you understand all the details and your obligations in this legal contract.

If you don't want to use the sample Lease copy we have for you on this page (click the image), then you can request a copy of the lease be sent to you by sending an email request to, or you can stop by the office to pick up a copy. You can then have this completed ahead of time.

As mentioned before, the following items will be required from each person signing the lease:

  • A Security Deposit - which is equal to one rent payment
  • $45 Application Fee (cash, check, money order or cashier check)
  • An Official Photo ID (driver's license or passport - student ID's not accepted
  • Each signer needs to know their Social Security Number
  • Each person must have a Permanent Address for the Security Deposit Return

* We accept cash, check, money order or cashier's check for the Security Deposit and Application Fee.  

* Once the lease starts and you are a tenant, you will be able to pay online (by e-checks, credit/debit cards).

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You can also explore apartments by location in our interactive Google map on the home page, or explore by building or number of bedrooms.  See the drop down list under Apartments (2018-19) to hunt for an apartment you like.