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Finding a Sublease at Purdue University

Basham Rentals allows Subleasing.  However, the original Lessee is ultimately responsible for all Sublessee behavior and rent.

A sublease MAY be approved, in the event that the Tenant is required to vacate the premises for reasons such as:

1) Accepting enrollment at another school/university;

2) Illness of self or family member, requiring extended absence of the Tenant;

3) Active military duty;

4) Failure of Tenant to meet academic standards of Purdue University;

5) Conviction of unlawful offense;

6) Acceptance of Tenant into co-op or foreign study program;

7) Other reasons as reviewed by Basham Rentals management.

Keep in mind that Basham Rentals is legally not obligated to honor your request for Subleasing.

Tenants in a 4-bedroom townhouse, are not ALL allowed to sublease at the same time.

If you make the decision to sublet your apartment, under any of the above circumstances, a Sublease Agreement must be completed and signed by all tenants and the subtenants.When the form has been completed and signed by all parties, please bring the agreement to the Basham Rentals office.If approved by Basham Rentals, we will make copies for each of you and will retain a copy in your Basham Rentals file.

Finding a Sublessee is the Sublessors’ responsibility.Contact the Basham Rentals Office to add your name and contact information to a list of tenants seeking an apartment to sublease.

You may also:

·List your information on

·List an ad in the Exponent and/or The Purdue Review.

·Post on Facebook (your class page, Purdue page, etc.).

·Contact Student Services for places to post a notice on campus.

It is also the Sublessor’s responsibility to update your information as needed. Please notify the office if you have found a Sublessee.

PLEASE NOTE:  Subleasing will require a $100 charge per Sublease Agreement.

Leasing Schedule Overall, Every Year

Leasing season typically begins in September.  All current tenants are sent a notice with a specific time frame for renewing your lease.  After that timeframe has expired, you should expect us to show your apartment to the public until it is leased. Townhouse Day usually occurs in early to mid October, followed immediately by the Open Leasing period for all remaining apartments available for the upcoming school year.