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Leasing for Purdue apartments at Basham Rentals for 2019-20 begins October 2018

Purdue Apartments Available for 2018-19

West Lafayette Apartments Near Purdue

Our apartments for 2018-2019 academic year at Purdue University are 80% sold out, as of Friday morning, November 3, 2017, less than 3 weeks since the start of Open Leasing season for our apartments near Purdue.  Hurry in to get your apartment lease locked in before all the Purdue apartments are rented for next year.  Note that Basham Rentals are known for being the closest apartments to Purdue, and that students camp out every Fall to be first in line to choose one of our popular green door townhouses.

Search for Your Purdue Apartment Different Ways

We have made it convenient for your to explore our West Lafayette apartments in a variety of ways, to meet your own needs for how you like to search for an apartment.

Please use the menu drop-down to explore apartments in a way that makes sense to you. You may also use this list of direct links below to search for your Purdue apartment in your own way.

Search All Our Purdue Apartments By Map Location

We recognize that many Purdue students are visual, and want to see where on a map our apartments are, in relationship to Purdue academic buildings and West Lafayette retail and entertainment options.


Search All Purdue Apartments In Our Lists

Since this is the page that is a directory for All our Purdue Apartments (which is also by definition, All Our West Lafayette Apartments)

You will also see on the Apartments By Type Page, that you can also search by type of bedroom, or by area of Purdue’s campus, or by townhouse or flat, or by indoor features or outdoor features, included here for your convenience.


Find Purdue Townhouses Only


Find Purdue Apartments By Campus Area Proximity

Find Purdue Apartments By Number of Bedrooms

Note that apartments by the numbers are available also at the very top of this page in text links, and searching by outdoor space options, such as patio, deck and balcony are available on the right sidebar.

Find Purdue Apartments By Outdoor Space