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Annual Townhouse Day Events

Basham Rental’s Infamous Townhouse Day

What is Townhouse Day at Purdue University?

Every Fall, well ahead of the future school year at Purdue, students camp out in front of the Basham Rentals office and surrounding properties, with tents and friends and beverages and even card games and board games, and make it an event.

When is the 2018 Townhouse Day for the Upcoming School Year of 2019-20?

This year, Townhouse Day is Sunday, October 14, 2018 will start around Noon.  Of course camping starts well before the day of the event, with tents lining South Chancey Avenue in West Lafayette, on the edge of campus.

How Early Before Townhouse Day Do Students Start Lining Up?

Most years, students start lining up 10 or more days ahead of time. This year, we restricted it to 7 days ahead of time, so students didn’t have to be outside so long.

Lining up for Townhouse Day

Why, in the World, Do Purdue Students Line Up A Week Ahead of Time In Front of Basham Rentals?

Students camping out for Townhouse DayThis is because students love the townhouse apartments and by the time they are Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors or Grad students, they


are well aware of the quality and great living spaces of Basham Rentals’ “Green Door” townhouses.  They also have been on campus long enough to find roommates they would like to live with during the upcoming school year.

So the reason they line up days ahead of time, is because they want to have their choice of which townhouse they get. By camping out, they get an earlier spot in line. The closest you are to the front door, the sooner you will get the next best choice of remaining Green Door townhouses.

What Happens During Townhouse Day?

When the doors open at the start of Townhouse Day, the Leasing Agents call out how many student groups can come in for the first batch of choosing a townhouse and signing the lease. All roommates sign the lease at the same time, and the application fee, and deposit is due at that time. When one group finds an townhouse, applies, is approved, and signs and pays, they leave. That frees up the leasing agent to work with a another group and the next group of students in line outside is called in, to begin to find the townhouse they want. As the very busy day progresses, the line outside gets shorter, and people leave happy that they got one of the campuses most popular apartments.

Check Out Photos from Last Year’s Townhouse Day 2017

The Townhouse Day event of 2017 began two weeks earlier as Purdue students set up their tents with their roommates to hold their place in line to get their top picks for townhouse apartments by Purdue for the coming school year.

Here is a highlight of the Townhouse Day event in October 2017. In this case, here are Purdue students camping with their roommates in tents on October 4, 2017, in anticipation of Townhouse Day on October 15, 2017.

Photos of student tents in front of Basham Rentals Purdue students start camping early October in front of Basham Rentals in preparation for the October 15 Townhouse Day, hoping to get first choice for their preferred townhouse apartment for next school year at Purdue University in West Lafayette, Indiana

Here are crowds waiting for their turn to enter the leasing office at Basham Rentals on Townhouse Day, 2017.

Purdue Students Wait Their Turn to Sign Leaases for their Favorite Townhouse

And here are groups of four roommates and their leasing agent signing up for their favorite townhouse near Purdue.

Students and Leasing Agents gather at a table to sign rental agreements Leasing Agents at Basham Rentals Help Purdue Students Lock In Their Townhouse Apartments for Next Year at Purdue

In all, 40 apartments were leased during Sunday, October 15, 2017.  Many happy students now have the peace of mind of locking in their townhouse apartment for next year.  Not everybody has the tenacity to camp our or stand in line, and not every student likes to plan in advance.  Check our availability on this site to see what townhouses we might still have available.

Watch this site and our social media every year for announcements about when Townhouse Day will be.