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We have had a lot of students offer to give us testimonials, and we will get around to that when we get out of this surge of students trying to rent from us for next year., again.  Our biggest testimonial, though is that year after year, students start camping out weeks before the start of our Leasing Season, marked by Townhouse Day.  Click on that link to find out more.

Additional testimonials will appear here after we get on the other side of this new site launch and the high activity of early Leasing season. We have had many testimonials along the way. This is why students keep coming back to rent from us, and camp out for weeks before the start of the rental season, to get their preferred apartments.

Student tnts beside the sidewalk in front of Basham Rentals

Tents line the sidewalk in front of Basham Rentals waiting for days until they can choose the best townhouses


Return soon to see new testimonials.