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About the Basham Family

John and Connie Basham, Proprietors of Basham Rentals

Working Together for Nearly Four Decades

Basham Rentals is a local family owned and operated business.  Basham Rentals was founded over 35 years ago by John and Connie Basham, both lifelong residents of the Lafayette area.  In the beginning, all work was shared by John and Connie—leasing, maintenance, bookkeeping, remodeling, etc.In recent years, they are both still involved in the operations, and have a daughter who is also.  The family is grateful for a capable and dedicated staff that helps shoulder Basham Rentals tasks.

A Lifetime of Giving

You can’t be around John and Connie very long before you discover that they are passionate about Purdue University and the students they serve. You can find them at many major sporting events and various activities around campus. They are often involved in lending moral support and tangible support for causes that will improve the lives of those around us.  This support has come in big packages and smaller packages all along the way, the last 35 years.  Some of the bigger donations were announced years ago to help various sports and academic programs.  You may read more about it here.

Daughter Gretchen

In addition to John and Connie Basham, their daughter Gretchen serves as the Basham Rentals General Manager. Gretchen earned her Bachelor of Science Degree from Purdue. A photo will be here soon.

The Basham Family is grateful for their hard working and talented Office Staff, Leasing Agents, and Maintenance /Site Staff, as well.  See their separate pages to learn more.

To learn more about John and Connie’s respective backgrounds, continue reading.

John Basham’s Background

John began working for Eli Lilly & Co. in 1969 and retired from there after 28 years.  He currently is serving his second four-year term on the Tippecanoe County Council, first elected in 2008.  John is also a veteran of the U.S. Army Reserve. In his free time, John likes to have lunch with his friends, work to make the local community stronger through his work as a Councilman, attend all Purdue football and basketball games and John Purdue functions, work even more, and eventually hang out at home.

Connie Basham’s Background

Connie previously served as an administrative assistant with the Tippecanoe School Corporation, as Children’s Coordinator for a local church, and then as sanctuary choir director for the same church, in addition to working with the Basham Rentals organization.  Connie also was elected to the Tippecanoe County Council in 1996 and served through 2004. In Connie’s free time, she likes to… what doesn’t she like to do? She is a huge Purdue fan and loves to attend Purdue games with John, travels often, worships, discusses and participates in politics, enjoys family and friends, and helping to make the world a better place.

Additional Community Service

Both John and Connie serve on various boards of directors for local organizations and contribute regularly to community events and charitable causes. Their names can be seen on the indoor courts at the Schwartz Tennis Center at Purdue—The John and Connie Basham Indoor Courts—which are available for public use.

We love our students and appreciative your continued interest in renting from us so you can be so close to Purdue. We never take that for granted.